How can I protect a collection from dreaded dust?

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Category: Display
Posted by Conservation Answers(Questions:33:Answers28)
Answered On 16 February, 2014 5:26 am

Protecting your collection from the effects of dust is a combination of common sense and expertise. Suggestions include:

> Good building design to keep dust out, together with good housekeeping practices to stop its distribution through to display and storage areas, will radically reduce damage from particulate matter.
> Use air sealing strips around doors and windows, filter air vents. etc.
> Provide doormats for visitors.
> Double doors will provide some protection from the entry of dust into the building.
> Keep windows closed if possible. This is not always advisable in a tropical climate as good ventilation is vital to reduce the risk of mould growth.
> If you have new concrete, you should seal these surfaces.
> If possible keep workshop areas and kitchens away from storage and exhibition areas.
> Protect particularly susceptible works by housing them in display cases and storage boxes. If you have an air-conditioning system, it needs to be kept in good condition and filters need to be checked and changed as necessary. An air-conditioning system which is not properly maintained can cause more damage to a collection than no air-conditioning at all.

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