What are the main general storage issues to take into account?

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Posted by Conservation Answers(Questions:33:Answers28)
Answered On 25 February, 2014 12:31 am

The myriad of issues we need to consider when planning or improving our collection storage can be quite daunting. We have tried not to be too prescriptive about any of the matters we have discussed or the recommendations we have made. We understand that there are many limitations on the type of storage you can provide for your collection, and that many of these will be out of your control.

In general, try to select a storage area for the collection that will provide the most stable environment. If you can, dedicate this area to storing collection items only. Try not to include other material such as pamphlets and display materials, as these will add to the general congestion, and can be a source of insect infestation or other hazards. Select the best quality storage material you can afford and that is appropriate for the task.

Keep the area clean, and inspect it and the collections regularly. Put in place adequate security measures and control who has access to the area. If you use common sense and implement good housekeeping procedures, then you will be on the way to protecting your collection in storage.

Posted by Museums Australia (Victoria)(Questions:33:Answers28)
Answered On 18 January, 2014 6:03 am

Further resources and related information sheets at http://www.mavic.asn.au/resources

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